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I put together this remix of ‘Bottles’ by the Beatslappaz for the Rump Shaker Records Remixed Ep which unfortunately was never released. Everyone involved was really happy with my remix so we decided to give it away instead… ENJOY!!!! :)

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D-Funk… ‘Bounce With Me’ [Swingset Sounds]

D-Funk… ‘Twerk My Clothes Off’

D-Funk… ‘Get Crunk’

D-Funk Vs Major Lazer – ‘Hold The Line’

D-Funk… ‘Funky John The Preacher Man’

D-Funk… ‘Four Play’ [That’s Not An Edit Vol 3]

D-Funk vs Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go’

D-Funk… ‘What Can You Bring’ [That’s Not An Edit Vol 2]

D-Funk vs Storm – Time To Bounce

D-Funk… ‘How Low Can You Go?’

Drop Babylon 2032 Ep

D-Funk vs My Nu Leng… ‘Masterplan’ (D-Funk Edit). Listen HERE

D-Funk vs N.W.A… ‘Straight Outa Compton’ (D-Funk Mix). Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Been A Long Widow’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Bang Bang Love’. Listen HERE

Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ (D-Funk Mix). Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Breafest EP’ FREE 4 Track EP. Listen HERE

D-Funk & Some DJ – ‘Phantom Can’t Dance’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Biggie Got Crunked’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… Ghetto Funk EP. FREE 4 track EP. Listen HERE