Canada 2012 tour // Part 1.



As I said to a few people before I left here is my first mini blog from my current (and my first ever) Canadain tour!

At the moment I’m sitting waiting for a delayed flight in Vancouver airport, on my way to Edmonton for a gig tonight. I’ve got 2 hours to kill so seemed like the perfect time to get this done as it’s nice & warm here!

D-Funk @ Savage Bass, Whistler, BC, Canada

Ok so I left for Canada last Wed (Aussie time) at 12.30 lunchtime. After a 14 & a half hour & VERY bumpy flight I got into Vancouver. The flight was so bumpy that I had to hold onto my drink for about 3 hours as the mini red wine bottle & my cup kept falling over! But hey I got here fine & all was well. Arriving into Vancouver as we landed it looked exactly as I’d expected, snow capped hill & peaks, rolling forrests & pretty island & bays. After making my way thru customs & immagration (I still had to get my work visa as it can only be approved when you get here so it was a little nerve racking/exciting for a few mins) I hopped onto another flight from Vancouver across to Calgary where my first gig was taking place. It was kinda odd as I arrived in Calgary at 11.20am Wed morning which was a hour before I’d left (due to crossing the international date line).

Calgary is right next to the Rocky Mountains & we flew right over them on the way in. It’s a beautiful view as you cross them. They look very cold & impressive with snow covering them. Calgary is one of the colder places in Canada & can get to -30 degrees but thankfully it was pretty warm whilst I was there.

A positively balmy 6 to 10 degrees!

I was playing at a big Dubstep party put on by a crew called Supreme Hustle. I was in town a day early so I just chilled the first day & caught up on some much needed sleep. The next day (Thurs) was the show which was good. I was on earlyish which worked well as I was playing more funk based stuff than the rest of the DJ’s on the bill. My set went well & was great to have good start to the tour! Calgary has a massive Bass music scene & the Supreme Hustle guy throw loads of big parties with huge line ups. They picked up all the DJ’s in a limo they own & drove us around Calgary all chilling in the back! We also had a great dinner where I tried eating Elk for the first time! It’s really tasty, kind of gamey but also like Lamb. I’d deffo reccomend trying it it you ever get the change (and are a meat eater).

I had an earlyish flight out the next day so after a quick lunch with one of the other DJ’s Rob (of Dodge & Fuski who was also on the bill the night before) & his girl Jenn I headed off to the airport with super driver extreme Robbie from the Supreme Hustle crew. Big up to all the guys I met in Calgary esp Mike & Robbie.

Next up was my show in Victoria on the Friday night. So after a flight back to Vancouver & then a crazy short 15 min flight from Vancouver to Victoria I arrived in Sidney! Not the Sydney I know but a small airport just outside Victoria! The show that night was at a great club called Hush & I was performing along side a friend of mine & a big player in our scene Stickybuds. The show was super fun & the place was jumping! I was happy to play another great show & also have time to hang with Tyler (Stickybuds) & Mikee the promoter from Victoria. I met loads of really nice peeps whilst in town for the short time (only 20 hours) & really had a good time. Thanks to Mikee for getting me to play! Victoria itself is quite a small city that is situated on the very tip of Vancouver Island & is one of the furthest south areas of Canada. In fact it’s south of the US boarder as it kinda pokes out into America which is only 30km across the sea. You can see USA looming in the distance.

The next morning I was a little ‘hazy’ but had to be up promptly as I had to make my way across to Whistler. I got a ferry from Victoria back to Vancouver which was a chilled 1 & a half cruise up in between the islands that make up Vancouver Island. It’s a very scenic place with lots of smaller islands covered in Furr trees. I was hoping that I might see some of the Killer Whales that live round that area so I was outside with my camera out like a tourist for some of the trip but alas no Whales this time. I was picked up from Vancouver & we drove the 2 hours up to Whistler.

I managed to get in 2 days of boarding whilst I was there, which was amazing. I’ve never seen so much snow! 1.5m fell in 72 hours! The boarding was super fun.

Whistler is one of the main Snow resorts in Canada & was the place of the 2010 winter olympics. It’s a small town with only around 10k people living there in the winter. The main village is right at the bottom of the hill with the main ski lift going from the square in the village. The hill is massive. It takes about 30 min to ride the lift to the top which is 2,300 meter (roughly). When I got there it was snowing & it pretty much snowed non stop for the 5 days I was there! I managed to get in 2 days of boarding whilst I was there, which was amazing. I’ve never seen so much snow! 1.5m fell in 72 hours! The boarding was super fun. Sometimes I was boarding thru so much powder that it was over my knees whilst I was riding! I met up with a friend that now lives over there & we boarded together for a bit but everyone was way better than me! To be honest I’m not that bad but when you see people overtaking you whilst they are riding on 1 foot or backwards it make you feel rubbish! I only stacked it badly twice which isn’t bad for 2 full days riding.

I had a show on the Monday night at a club called Savage Beagle (awesome name). The guy putting on the show, Andrew who I also stayed with whilst up there, had put loads of effort into the night installing a new soundsystem & loads of lighting. He had the place looking & sounding great. The party itself was great fun & a good show. As the Aussie would say I was ‘stoaked’ to be playing in Whistler.

As I had a few days off mid week we went out 1 night to see A.Skillz who is another great DJ that is also touring here at the moment. He put on a great show & it was also cool to see the Itchy & Scratchy DJ’s that my mate from Bournemouth Jimmy is part of. They were warming up for A.Skillz so was good to see them do their thing. Next morning we drove back to drop me off in Vancouver for the flight to Edmonton where I’m playing tonight. Another big shout to Andy & Jen for putting me up & bringing me up to Whistler. I had a blast with you guys, thank you very much!

So that’s pretty much it so far! I’ll do another post next week sometime after my adventure this weekend as I’ve got 3 show in the next 3 days!

What I’ve learnt so far:

  • Take your shoes off when you go into a Canadian’s house.
  • Don’t leave your warm jacket on the sofa in Sydney.
  • It rains a lot in Vancouver.
  • If it snows alot you may hit your head on the beam outside the house.
  • Saving Private Ryan is a great movie even after all these years.
  • Canada has a beer called Canadian.
  • Don’t plug your Serato left channel in the right & right in the left. It’s kinda confusing.

Travel so far:
Sydney > Vancouver > Calgary > Vancouver > Victoria > Vancouver > Whistler > Vancouver > Edmonton (nearly).

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