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JAMIE XX – ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) ***FREE DOWNLOAD***

Over the past few months this cheeky re-work of Jamie xx ‘Good Times’ has been raising the roof EVERYWHERE! It’s definitely been the highlight of many a set. Loads of people were asking me about it. What is it? Who made it? Where can we get it? Well you can get it right here! ENJOY!!!! 

Free Downloads:

Beatslappaz – ‘Bottles’ (D-Funk Mix) [Rump Shaker Records]

D-Funk… ‘Bounce With Me’ [Swingset Sounds]

D-Funk… ‘Twerk My Clothes Off’

D-Funk… ‘Get Crunk’

D-Funk Vs Major Lazer – ‘Hold The Line’

D-Funk… ‘Funky John The Preacher Man’

D-Funk… ‘Four Play’ [That’s Not An Edit Vol 3]

D-Funk vs Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go’

D-Funk… ‘What Can You Bring’ [That’s Not An Edit Vol 2]

D-Funk vs Storm – Time To Bounce

D-Funk… ‘How Low Can You Go?’

Drop Babylon 2032 Ep

D-Funk vs My Nu Leng… ‘Masterplan’ (D-Funk Edit). Listen HERE

D-Funk vs N.W.A… ‘Straight Outa Compton’ (D-Funk Mix). Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Been A Long Widow’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Bang Bang Love’. Listen HERE

Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ (D-Funk Mix). Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Breafest EP’ FREE 4 Track EP. Listen HERE

D-Funk & Some DJ – ‘Phantom Can’t Dance’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… ‘Biggie Got Crunked’. Listen HERE

D-Funk… Ghetto Funk EP. FREE 4 track EP. Listen HERE


Dub Pistols feat Too May T’s – ‘Crazy Diamond’ (D-Funk Mix) [Sunday Best]

D-Funk – ‘Bigger Than Bassline’ [Adapted Records]

McTwist Feat Bobby Danger – ‘Popsicles’ (D-Funk Mix) [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk – ‘Holding Hands EP’ [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk & Sugar Ray Johnson – ‘The Return Of Sugar Ray EP’ [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk – ‘The Funk Jammer EP’ [Grits N Gravy]

Dub Pistols – ‘Killa Sound’ (D-Funk Mix) [Sunday Best]

D-Funk – “Back To The Future EP’ [Rump Shaker Records]

Rogue Robots – ‘Off My Face In ’97’ (D-Funk Mix) [Upstart Music]

Tom Showtime feat The Pysde Projects – ‘Funk Pants’ (D-Funk Mix) [Grits N Gravy]

Eat more Cake feat Emily May – ‘Teardrops’ (D-Funk Mix) [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk – ‘You think We’re Stupid’ [Upstart Music]

D-Funk – ‘Chickens In The Truck’ [Upstart Music]

D-Funk & Sugar Ray Johnson – “Kick This Thing EP’ [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk – ‘Bitchslap’ [Upstart Music]