Orbital Radio Guest mix


Here’s what I played:

D-Funk · Orbital Radio; Ezra & Amigos Feat D-Funk (28/06/22)

D-Funk · Orbital Radio; Ezra & Amigos Feat D-Funk (28/06/22)

D-Funk – ‘Funky John The Preacher Man’ [Free Download]
Mr Doris & D-Funk feat MysDiggi – ‘Cruise Control’ (Nightmares On Wax Remix // D-Funk’s True Skool Version)
Talking Heads vs D-Funk – ‘Burning Down The House’ [That’s Not An Edit // Free Download]
Mr Doris & D-Funk – ‘Rapitivity’ [Free Download]
Boogie Freaks – Throwin’ Shade
Bob Marley – To Be Loved (V’s Nothing Like Acid Edit)
Frankee Moore – ‘Funksta Lovin’
D-Funk – ‘Everybody Loves A Filter’
Escort – ‘Cocaine Blues’ (JKriv Disco Bumps)
Mr Doris & D-Funk – ‘S&M’
Discotron – ‘Changes’
D-Funk – ‘Been A Long Widow’ [Free Download]
Mr Doris & Dazzla feat Cantaloop – ‘Rock Steady’
House Of Downtown – ‘Whatever Comes’ (Mr Doris & D-Funk Mix)
Pasteur Lappe – ‘ Na Real Sekele Fo Ya (Barry&Gibbs Edit)
S3A – ‘Clarence Boddicker’
Hotmood – ‘Make It Slow’
Retromigration – ‘Jeffa’ (Ron Basejam Mix)
Temple – ‘Love Machine’ (DM Edit)
Soulhiction – ‘Gotta Have It’
D-Funk – ‘Do It Right’

‘Heard It Through The Bassline’

It's been a little while since I did a solo D-Funk freebie so I thought I better bring you a good one! I've been playing this huge funky breaks Marvin mash in my club & festival sets. It's always caused a bit of a stir & people to lose their sh1t over it! Now it's unleashed to everyone as a free gift... ENJOY!

You can get it from my Soundcloud or Bandcamp

[Chill Out/Lounge Mix] Blissed Out Beats Vol 4


This is the 4th instalment of my Blissed Out Beats mix series that focuses on the less dance floor & more on the comfy chair or sun lounger!

The past mixes have been inspired by me playing the sunset at the legendary Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza (mix 3), a long running residency in a cool Sydney hotel lobby (mix 2) & chilling by the pool whilst on holiday (mix 1).

This time I was thinking about a few hours in a welcoming & warm cocktail bar, sipping a delicious drink by a crackling fire (It was quite cold & raining rather hard when I compiled & mixed Vol 4). Lovely laidback grooves, from chilled down tempo to jazzy house. Taking in some sublime funk & soul all the way to some splendid reggae.

D-Funk · D-Funk presnts… 'Blissed Out Beats Vol 4' [Free Chill Out Mix]

It’s available to stream & download for free from my Soundcloud: HERE

Blissed Out Beats Mix series

Blissed Out Beat is my chilled more downtempo mix series that showcases the less dance floor side of my sound. Think warm days by the pool sipping a cold drink, enjoying a lovely cocktail next to a warm, crackling fire or watching the sunset in Ibiza at cafe Del Mar.

D-Funk at Break da House, Bournemouth (01/05/22)


Between 2004-2009 a group of friends put on a breaks, electro & eclectic beats party in Bournemouth, Uk. It was called Break da House. From what started as an excuse to play tunes we all loved, it turned into quite a successful night running at various venues. We even hosted a room at Ministry Of Sound! We welcomed acts such as Stanton Warriors, Dub Pistols, Plump DJs, Freestylers, Killa Kela, Meat Katie, Lee Coombs, Nostalgia 77, A Man Called Adam, Bent, Evil 9, Will Saul, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Natural Self, Ali B as well as hosting labels parties for Air Recordings, Westway, Lot 49, Grand Central, Ninja Tunes, Breakin Bread & Upstart Music.

We recently got together again for a party in the town where it all started, Bournemouth in May. The event was a nostalgic trip down memory lane with lots of friendly faces & amazing vibes that felt like the night never went away. It was truly epic…

Mr Doris & D-Funk feat MysDiggi – ‘Cruise Control’ out now on vinyl!


Yes we’ve release a proper record! A round spinny thing that plays music!

Mr Doris & D-Funk are back at it once again & this time they’ve got a bit of help from their super talented buddies. The first buddy is MysDiggi, a UK hip hop legend. They put their heads together & came up with ‘the timeless new single [Juno Records]’ that is Cruise Control. The next bunch of buddies are Basement Freaks, Dazzla & Nightmares On Wax. They set forth 4 sublime remixes making this package pretty much essential…

Check out the cool video

We’re rather pleased with the retro artwork as well…

You can buy the vinyl, download the digital or stream the whole lot HERE!

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